In view of recent government advice concerning coronavirus, I am now offering online tuition via Skype instead of face-to-face lessons for all of my teaching.

Schools throughout the UK are now closed to most students. I understand schools will be providing work for students to continue with their learning and maintain progress through their GCSE or A level courses at the necessary rate despite the school closures. I am sure all schools will be doing everything they can to help students through this period, though it is not clear what form that help will take or how extensive it will be. Inevitably exam-directed studies during this time will require a significant level of independent work. My aim is to provide direct one to one support and guidance as students tackle new and challenging topics outside the normal classroom environment.

I have switched entirely to online lessons since Tuesday 17th March. Skype works well for one-to-one tuition. I am able to use screen sharing or can switch between multiple cameras. So students can see me, what I am writing or a shared screen with questions, diagrams or examples. Students are also able to use screen capture to take copies of examples or other information to incorporate into their notes after the lesson. An ipad or other tablet or laptop work well. A desktop with a webcam also seems to be fine for the lessons. A smartphone may be ok if reasonably large, though I have not tried this as yet.

I am normally fully booked at this time of year, However, most students are now at home and able to have lessons during normal school hours. This has opened up a number of additional spaces. Several are currently available. If you are interested, please email.