Question 5

(a) Write 18 as a percentage of 32.
(b) 21 students in a class were boys and 13 were girls. Calculate the percentage of boys in the class.
(c) A maths student scored 42 marks out of 60. What was this mark as a percentage?
(d) In a local election one candidate gained 5600 votes from a total of 18500 votes cast. What was the candidate’s percentage share of the total vote?
(e) 15 out of 21 snooker balls are red. What percentage of the total are red?
(f) A box of chocolates contained 15 plain and 20 milk chocolates. Calculate the percentage of the total which were plain chocolates. 
(g) Write 230 as a percentage of 650.
(h) One hour of a television broadcast included eight minutes of adverts. What percentage of the total time was adverts? 
(i) At the end of a chess game there were five white pieces and nine black. What percentage of the pieces left on the board were white?
(j) A 230g carton of yoghurt contains 7g of fat. What is the percentage fat content by weight of the yoghurt?
(k) In a survey, 35% said they preferred coffee to tea. If 793 preferred tea, how many people took part in the survey?
(l) The average salt content of water from the Dead Sea is 33% by weight. A sample of this water contained 7.5g of salt. What was the weight of the sample?