Lessons are £30 per hour. Payment in cash or by cheque (payable to P. J. Halfpenny) is required at the end of each lesson. Alternatively, some parents find it more convenient to pay either monthly or per term in advance.

One option for reducing the cost of tuition is to choose double lessons for two students of similar ability. These lessons are £22 per student for a one hour lesson - a saving of £8 per lesson 

I usually teach in the student's home - a dining room or study is ideal. For students under 16 years of age, another adult must be at home during the lesson. I am based in Bradford on Avon but am happy to travel reasonable distances to neighbouring towns and villages at no extra cost, provided the journey time is not too long.

Lessons are provided on a weekly basis, throughout the school term, including INSET days. Lessons are available on weekdays from lunchtime through till around 9pm. I don't normally teach at weekends. Tuition during school holidays may be possible by mutual agreement.

I ask all parents and students to make the arranged lesson time a priority and try to avoid cancellations whenever possible. If, however, a cancellation is unavoidable, please give as much notice as possible. I also ask that parents, rather than students, contact me to discuss cancellations.

The following fees apply to all cancellations at short notice:

  • Less than 48 hours notice, half the normal lesson fee will be payable.
  • Less than 24 hours notice, the full lesson fee will be payable.

If, however, the cancellation is due to illness, the cancellation fee will be waived, provided:

  • The illness is serious enough to warrant time off school.
  • Every effort has been made to give notification as early as possible.