Peter Halfpenny: Maths Tutor and Science Tutor

Maths and Science tuition - Bradford on Avon

Patient, effective teaching from an experienced Maths tutor - helping to develop confidence and understanding. I am based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire but travel to surrounding towns and villages within about 6 miles, including Trowbridge, Winsley, Holt, Atworth and Norton St Philip. I offer help and support in Mathematics for students of all abilities:

  • GCSE Maths tuition
  • GCSE Statistics tuition
  • A level Maths tuition


Bringing Science to life - Science tuition based on a broad experience of research and teaching in Universities and industry. I offer tuition which encourages curiosity about the world around us and develops a sound understanding of science and technology:

  • GCSE Physics tuition
  • GCSE Chemistry tuition
  • A level Chemistry tuition


I have been providing support to Maths and Science students in West Wiltshire for over eleven years, drawing on more than 30 years experience of Science and Maths in teaching, research and industry.


Developing students' full potential

Every student deserves the chance to reach the full potential of their talents and abilities. There are times, however, when normal school lessons and a large classroom environment are not sufficient to allow this to happen.


...building confidence and removing barriers to understanding

Individual tuition is a very effective way to identify and remedy problem areas, thereby building confidence and removing barriers to learning. Many see tuition primarily as a means to preparation for examinations. It can certainly make a substantial difference to the grades obtained but it can also provide much more.

...far greater benefit and satisfaction from their school lessons

The increased confidence and motivation which usually result from effective, ongoing tuition allow students to gain far greater benefit and satisfaction from their school lessons. This is probably why many of my students choose to continue their tuition with me throughout a substantial fraction of their secondary education.


Double lessons

If your son or daughter has a friend in the same class who is also looking for tuition, double lessons can be an effective way of reducing the cost. Clearly, the individual attention of a one-to-one lesson is the ideal situation but the substantial savings of a double lesson make this a useful compromise. This approach can work very well provided the two students are of similar ability. I can usually advise after an initial lesson whether or not abilities are sufficiently closely matched for double lessons to be effective. The charge for a double lesson is £20 per student per hour - a saving of £8 compared to the normal rate.