Every student deserves the chance to reach the full potential of their talents and abilities. There are times, however, when normal school lessons and a large classroom environment are not sufficient to allow this to happen.

"...building confidence and removing barriers to understanding"

Individual tuition is a very effective way to identify and remedy problem areas, thereby building confidence and removing barriers to learning. Many see tuition primarily as a means to preparation for examinations. It can certainly make a substantial difference to the grades obtained but it can also provide much more.

"...far greater benefit and satisfaction from their school lessons"

The increased confidence and motivation which usually result from effective, ongoing tuition allow students to gain far greater benefit and satisfaction from their school lessons. This is probably why many of my students choose to continue their tuition with me throughout a substantial fraction of their secondary education.

"Confidence is easily lost..."

The concepts and methods in many subjects, particularly Mathematics and the other sciences, tend to build one upon another. If an idea is missed or poorly understood, the concepts which follow are more difficult to grasp. Confidence is easily lost and it is all too easy to believe the subject will remain a mystery. Most of us have experienced that kind of downward spiral at some stage.

"...identify the concepts which have not been understood."

In one-to-one lessons, it is possible to observe the mistakes and identify the concepts which have not been understood. This is very important since most students are largely unaware of the gaps in their understanding. Once the problem areas have been identified, it is often straightforward to provide the remedy through careful explanation and practice.

"...not as difficult as they imagined."

As problem areas are resolved, a student's confidence grows and they usually begin to realise that the subject is not as difficult as they imagined.