"...over 25 years teaching experience."

The tuition I offer is based on over 25 years teaching experience. For most of that time I taught undergraduate students at two major UK Universities – Bath and Strathclyde. Since 2003 I have worked full time as a freelance tutor, providing support to GCSE students in Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry and Physics as well as A level students in Maths and Chemistry.

"...across Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Mathematics."

I studied Chemistry at Exeter University, graduating in 1978 and then on to a PhD at Strathclyde University, again in the Chemistry Department. Since then I’ve been involved in a wide range of scientific activities, both teaching and research-based within Universities and industry. The subject matter has been spread across Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Maths. It includes areas as diverse as crystal growth, semiconductors, protein crystallisation, pharmaceuticals, pigments, organic optical materials, x-ray diffraction physics and molecular scale imaging of surfaces. My approach to tuition is shaped by this broad experience together with a real enthusiasm for Science and Mathematics.

My wife Pam and I live in Bradford on Avon and we have three children: Tom, David and Katie. When I'm not working, my hobbies are photography, cooking, building audio equipment, walking and attempting to play the guitar.