Peter worked patiently and effectively with our son for three years. The outcome is not only that our son got the grade 7 he deserved but that he is a capable mathematician.  The current situation in state school is that your child may be in a class with over 30 kids and a newly qualified teacher who knows little of their students' ability or potential. I can recommend Peter wholeheartedly to help overcome these obstacles and boost your child's confidence.

Peter tutored Daisy during year 11, primarily in Maths, but he was very flexible and willing to switch to Science as needed without prior notice. Peter has a calm, patient approach and finds a way of explaining concepts, so that they are easy to understand. The focus for each session was agreed at the start, tailored to our daughter's immediate needs. Peter's tutoring certainly helped to build our daughter's knowledge and confidence in Maths and Science and contributed to achieving results above her expectations.

"Peter has tutored both our daughters and we are delighted with how he has not only helped them develop their understanding and knowledge of Maths but also given them the confidence to tackle maths problems independently in the classroom. When our daughters have not fully understood a Maths topic taught in school, Peter is always able to rectify this, practising examples with them until he is satisfied the topic has been understood fully. At exam time, Peter fully revises all topic areas to ensure completeness of the syllabus and when our oldest daughter recently sat her GCSE Maths paper she said that Peter had fully prepared her for the exam and this was reflected by her fantastic result. Her comment on seeing her Maths result was 'I could never have achieved this grade without Peter'. Peter is always able to explain things in a calm manner using his vast experience to communicate theories clearly so that they always understand. Although Peter has primarily taught Maths to both our daughters, he has also been able to tutor our eldest in Physics and Chemistry which again was a contributing factor to her achieving excellent grades in both these subjects at GCSE. As parents we can see how Peter's tutoring has helped our daughters immensely and we would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of tutoring for their child."

We originally called on Mr Halfpenny back in 2013 in order to give our daughter the boost she needed to pass her Maths GCSE.

In 2014, we requested his services again for our second daughter. We then continued to use him every week of the school terms up until 2019 for our third daughter and our son. This meant, poor Mr Halfpenny needed to visit our house every Monday for seven years. We are very pleased to say, all of our four children passed their Maths GCSE's and Science GCSE's all with flying colours !

I'm delighted to report that both of the children passed their maths GCSE with ease. Thank you so much for your calm and steady approach to helping them through Year 11, I’m certain your tuition made a great difference to their final results.