Question 5

(a) A box contains apples and oranges in the ratio 3:7. There are 15 apples. How many oranges are in the box?
(b) The ratio of girls to boys in a class is 5:4. If there are 12 boys, how many girls are there in the class?
(c) Joe and Amy shared a cash prize in the ratio 4:9. If Joe received £35, how much did Amy win?
(d) Yellow and red paint are mixed in the ratio 2:7 for a particular shade of orange. 17 litres of red paint are available, how many litres of this shade of orange paint can be prepared?
(e) Orange squash should be diluted with water in the ratio 3:10. How much water is needed to dilute 75ml of squash?
(f) A recipe for salad dressing uses two parts vinegar to seven parts olive oil. What volume of vinegar is needed to make 50ml of dressing?
(g) It takes eight bricklayers 12 hours to build a garage. How long would it take to build it with only three bricklayers?
(h) The ratio of butter to flour in a recipe is 3:8. If 220g of butter is used, how much flour is needed?
(i) A 250g jar of coffee lasts for 23 days. How long will a 110g jar last?
(j) A pack of dog food feeds three dogs for 12 days. How long would the same size pack of food feed four identical dogs?
(k) The ingredients for a chicken and mushroom pie to serve four people include: 500g chicken, 200g mushrooms and 300g pastry. Calculate the quantities of these ingredients for a pie to serve seven people.
(l) In a box of sweets the ratio of the weights of milk chocolates to plain is 5:2 and the ratio of the weights of plain chocolates to fruit flavoured sweets is 3:2. If the weight of milk chocolates is 120g, calculate the weights of plain chocolates and fruit sweets.